All It Takes is a Straw

Sometimes it just takes something little.  Yesterday that something was a straw.  Animals can be like kids - you buy them an expensive toy, but instead they play with the box.  Watson, more than any cat I have met, has a fascination with the simple things like paper bags, boxes, milk jug caps, and leaves off my favorite plants.

Straws, however, have been the recent discovery in his big kitten world.  Luckily, there was only water in the cup he knocked over and spilled on my couch during his expedition to retrieve the straw.

Watson's obsession with his new found toy played a big role yesterday.  Unfortunately, I cannot just tell Watson to quit messing with his prosthetics; the velcro straps are so enticing to those sharp little kitten teeth.  Normally I bring out the treats or typical feathery toy to distract him.  Yesterday, however, we got to a point where he was done with the typical so I reached for the straw in my cup, and the second he saw the it, the prosthetics seemed to disappear from his attention. 

This is just one example of the obstacles I face with Watson on a daily basis.  It takes a lot of creativity to keep an animal distracted, whether it be from prosthetics, medicine administration, or even regular vet check-ups.  I encourage you to think outside the box.  Maybe it's a different treat or a new toy, which does not have necessarily have to involve spending money.  Animals come with their own distinct personalities, and it is our job as caretakers to figure out what can get them through the difficulties and challenges, big or small, that life brings.  Always remember to supervise your pet when giving them anything to play with or snack on.  

Next time you are faced with a challenging circumstance, try to think back to the simple things, like a straw.  


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