This is Watson

This is Watson.  He inspired Handi-Cat.  Some animals come with special features, which many call disabilities or handicaps.  Although these features can come with some challenges, the ability to help an animal overcome these challenges is immeasurably rewarding. 

Watson was born with radial hypoplasia, a congenital disease that caused the malformation of his radius.  This has resulted in loss of length and linearity, leaving his forelimbs twisted inwards.  He has limited use of his front legs because the joint has to bear any weight and force that would otherwise normally be placed on his paws. 

Many like Watson never survive in the wild, and many shelters would deem his condition untreatable.  Luckily for Watson a kind heart brought him to Almost Home Animal Rescue League where Watson met Gail Montgomery, the founder and owner.  She stood by her policy that every animal, sick or healthy, young or old, maimed or beautiful deserves a chance and a place to go where they can be safe and loved.  Check out Gail's wonderful organization here.  I am forever thankful that she gave me the opportunity to be rewarded by having this happy little guy in my life. 

That is where Watson's journey started.  This is where it continues.  There is no surgery to mend his Watson's legs, no easy fix.  That is why we are here, to share his story in hopes of inspiring people that handi-cats are still worthy of a chance and that no animal should be discarded because they come with extra challenges.  We will share our successes and our failures, resources we find along the way, and pictures that will melt your heart.       

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