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am always looking for ways to make Watson's life easier.  Watson is determined to go just about anywhere, however, even the normal routine places, such as the litter box, can wear on his front legs.  Although I have steps and cushions for other places in our house, I hadn't found a solution to the litter box.  

I recently had the opportunity to try Kitty Box Ramp, an innovative product to help cats get in and out of the litter box. 

Kitty Box Ramp arrives in a thin cardboard box.  All it takes is a few simple folds and the ramp is ready to use.  It sits right in front of the litter box with a tab the goes under the box, allowing the weight of the box to hold the ramp in place.     
Kitty Box Ramp is made in the USA with 100% recycled and recyclable material.  

Watson's litter box is large so that he can easily maneuver his way around, and Kitty Box Ramp made sure to keep this in mind by making the ramp adjustable to three different heights.  I tried the ramp out with litter boxes varying in height, and the adjustment was very easy. 

The ramp comes with removable tread pads that give a little extra grip.  For kitties that have the occasional accident, this strip is easily replaceable.  The instructions give suggestions on how to get your cat introduced to using the ramp, but Watson and Peach needed no introduction.  The ramp is made entirely out of cardboard, and if you have any experience with cats, you know the obsession they have with cardboard. 

I expected the ramp to help Watson, but the results exceeded my expectations.  Not only does it stop him from just jumping in and out, but it also allows him to take his time and use his hind legs to step into the litter box, completely taking any pressure off of the front leg joints. 

Thanks to advances in health and nutrition, many cats are living longer and just like people, they can develop age related ailments such as arthritis.  One sign of these aches and pains is urination outside of the litter box.  Many people associate this with behavior or mental state, however, it can mean that your cat is having difficulty stepping in and out of the litter box.

Kitty Box Ramp can make using the litter box easier, meaning less pain for them and a cleaner house for the rest of the family.  If your cat's behavior changes or you suspect they may be in pain, be sure to schedule a visit with your vet to determine the reason. 

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