Watson's TV Debut


Watson is jumping into the spotlight, and his story is spreading quickly.  Just last week, I was inside the Local 4 building getting my microphone set for our news segment on Detroit's Live in the D. 

This all came after I received an unexpected call a few weeks earlier from an agency in the UK interested in spreading Watson's story.

Little did I know at the time that this phone call would not only lead to his story being spread throughout the UK, but also would give me a chance to broadcast his message to people in the United States.  

Watching the news can oftentimes be disheartening as channels are plagued with the responsibility to share dreadful reports of what is happening around the world.  Amidst the negative, Local 4 has devoted an hour every weekday to airing positive local stories on Live in the D, and has served as a guide in helping me get to know a city I am still somewhat new to.  
On the set of Live in the D! 
Last week, Live in the D allowed Watson and me (along with my husband Joe who supported me as Watson's official wrangler) to share our story with viewers and help spread the message that disabled and injured animals deserve a chance.  I had the opportunity to tell the public that there are fully attainable options available for animals with special needs.  These pets may take extra time and patience, but if you are willing to invest that part of your life, helping an animal that has had a tragic start can be a successful and extremely rewarding undertaking.

I was honored to be a part of Local 4's effort to share the joy and inspiration that pets bring us.  It was surreal getting to sit next to the people I listen to each morning and see the world from the other side of the camera, and everyone was just as friendly as they seem from my living room.  
I have to give a special thanks to Chris Delcamp for his patience while behind the camera at our house, along with Ken Haddad and Tammy Sortor for giving me the chance to make this happen.

You can watch Watson's story here.

Please share his story.  Each share increases the likelihood that it will reach someone with an animal in need, and their decisions could be impacted by the information you share with them today.   
Local 4 is making a huge effort to share the joy that pets bring us everyday. Check out all4Pets for more stories about cute critters in the Metro Detroit area.


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